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U-Boat Replica

U-Boat Replica has always had a Lambda, a special model that is a bit of an anomaly in its collection. It's a precious metal cased watch with a price tag well above U-Boat Replica' regular range. U-Boat Replica released three limited edition Lambdas in steel to celebrate the 175th anniversary since the advent of watchmaking in Glashutte.

We'll talk about the movement before we discuss the new case materials. The DUW 10001 calibre is different from the rest of the brand's movement. The DUW1001 is the first calibre that bears the 'Deutsche Uhrenwerke U-Boat Replica Glashutte" marking. It is a large and slender manually-wound watch finished in a manner above the norm for U-Boat Replica.

The sunray finish of U-Boat Replica perlage on the three-quarter plate, a traditional German design, is stunning. The balance cock, with its swan neck adjustment system, is hand-inscribed "Mit Liebe in Glashutte Gefertigt".

This statement is backed up by the finish of the movement, but a more accurate inscription would have been "ingeniously engineered in Glashutte". The DUW 1001 is able to fit 84 hours, or 3.5 full days into its twin barrels. The dial side of the timepiece is where every single hour counts.

The 297-degree power indicator dominates the entire top half of dial. Its scale allows for every hour to be marked clearly. This results in a highly accurate power reserve indication, and with the small seconds below, the dial is given a scientific or regulator feel. Although the aesthetics are still U-Boat Replica, there is no whimsy or fun on the dial as you would expect with their casual watches.

The dial is the same as the previous Lambda model, but the case, as we mentioned in the introduction, is made of steel. These limited editions also have a new case size of 40.5mm instead of the 42mm that was used in previous models. The new case has several benefits. It reduces the size of the watch which, due to its large dial,Ulysse Nardin Replica looks quite big. But, perhaps most importantly, it adds a level of durability that gold cannot. The Lambda is now more affordable than ever, and represents the pinnacle in watchmaking for U-Boat Replica.